Bruno Galhardo has becoming a well-known dancer in Brazil, his videos on the Internet have reached more than a million views. The world having been met his talent in the art of dance and choreographically. In 2016, he traveled to more than 28 countries, participating in major events and dance congresses. He made friends and had students all over the world, his aim has always been to give the best of himself and spread a bit of Brazilian dance across the world.

Throughout his career he’s been surprised with everyone’s affection and could grow personally and professionally due to the experience he’s had with people from different cultures.

With a lot of dedication he aims at shortening the distance between everyday life and the pleasure people can get from dancing through interpersonal contact.

He seeks through his experience to diffuse a technique focused on connection as a tool for body expression, in which pleasure and technique are involved in the art of dancing.


Sara Lopez is an influential instructor and performer in the Kizomba dance scene.

Sara López was born in 1986 and started dancing at the age of five. She studied ballet for 15 years and obtained an honors certificate from The Royal Ballet of London. While at the Royal Ballet she supplemented her training with flamenco, contemporary dance, and various jazz and funk courses. She joined the Ballet Joven África Guzmán for four years as well. At sixteen, Sara got into Belly dance and Hip Hop, and at age 19 she became involved in salsa and latin dances. Sara taught online salsa, bachata and bachatango workshops with various dance partners for three years.

At age 22 she traveled to L.A. (California, USA) to step up her dance training and choreography skills. She took more courses on contemporary dance, ground and aerial acrobatics, etc. She gave hip-hop, latin and kizomba classes, while also working as a dancer for video spots and TV programs. She started Kizomba in late 2009 dancing in a show with Albir Rojas and competing in the qualifying rounds of the Africadançar contest in Madrid. They were selected to represent Spain in the Africadancar international championship and earned second place in the 2010 event. Following this competition she started giving workshops and performing all over Europe, but her popularity increased through the dissemination of her videos on Youtube and social networks. This gave her the international fame that has allowed her to travel throughout Europe, North America, Central America, Asia and Oceania.


Alex de Carvalho, began his dance career in 1996 by joining the Jaime Arôxa Dance Academy. Soon after, he was in high demand, requested to dance and perform in TV shows, serials and soap operas in Brazil. His services as a dance consultant and coach were sort after by many Ballroom Dance Schools in Brazil.

In 2009, has earned the “Medalha Tiradentes”, the most prestigious award in Rio de Janeiro, given for his dedication to dance, on behalf of the Culture, Education and Social Inclusion.

Training and mentoring dance professionals all over the world, Alex, who currently resides in Paris, France, is one of the greatest international artists in his field. He has taught many of the world’s leading Zouk Lambada Dancers including Kadu Pires & Larissa Thayane, Rafael Oliveira & Juliana Magalhães, Alexandre Gustavo & Isadora Nascimento, William Teixeira and others.

Mathilde dos Santos is a ballerina trained in classical dancing and modern/contemporary dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) (National Superior Music and Dance Conservatory) and at the Palucca Schule Dresden international dance school in Germany. She is also a salsa dancer.

Alex and Mathilde have been partners for 1 year and a half now and are developing, together, a new body language; a way to intensify the connection between two people through dance and movement.
They are both living and promoting Brazilians dances in Paris, France.


Xandy Liberato, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, is a good example of how dance is much more than a combination of steps. Not only does he activate every muscle in his body, he moves every fibre in his heart and soul. He is currently combining his classes around the world with the co-direction of the Contemporary Dance Company Mou Dansa, where he is choreographer as well as dancer.

His original and creative choreographies combine the essence of traditional Brazilian dances and how they have evolved over time, distinguishing him in the world of the dance. His long career on stages across the world makes it possible for Xandy to blend his multidisciplinary knowledge, as reflected in his workshops, choreographies and his work with Mou Dansa in Spain.

His ability to communicate his passion for Brazilian or contemporary dance and movement makes his works unique moments, full of life and emotion.


Teacher, dancer and choreographer, Jefferson Dadinho is one of the most demanded zouk teachers today. Became publicly acknowledged by Brazilian and international adoption of his own style by applying general techniques of Street Dance in social dancing. As a choreographer, works with bands performing concerts in Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Starting in 2010 he decided to invest more in zouk and soon became a choreographic assistant in Cia Renato Veronezi. At the same time he achieved excellent results in major zouk national championships. He was vice-champion of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brazil and worldwide between 2010 and 2011. Since then he travelled several Brazilian cities participating in congresses and workshops. Among others are Florianópolis(SC), Cuiabá (MT), Rio de Janeiro, Uberlândia (MG), Brasília (DF), among others.

In 2012, he began his international career, and has already worked in Argentina, England, Russia, Holland, Vienna, Czech and the USA. Between trips and other activities, he opened classes in Cia Boombox, training teachers of zouk and other social dances, he’s been working there for 2 years now.

Czech Republic

Lucia Kubašová has been dancing since childhood; she began with ballroom dance where she became the Champion of Slovakia and then worked her way up to the international level successfully representing Slovakia in international competitions. Later, she started with salsa, where she won 2 times first place in the Championship of Slovakia and became the Champion of Europe too. Three years ago she fell in love with Zouk, Lambazouk and Samba de Gafieira. She Started teaching Zouk in Prague, and attending and teaching at international dance congresses across Europe with professional teacher Adilio Porto.

Jakub Jakoubek started to dance during his teenage years with standard and latin ballroom dances. Afterwards, he danced salsa and Bachata for several years and he started to teach them as well. Lately, he added to his repertoire modern dance and jazz. His latest love is Zouk, what he teaches together with Lucia in Czech Republic as well as at international dance congresses.

Here is a few demos and shows by Jakub & Lucia:

Sri Lanka/Turkey

KRAKEN and his wife (partner in crime) Artül, representing Zouk Elements, organizers of ZoukLand Festival, have performed and taught Zouk in several dance festivals and weekends in the Middle East, Europe and Sri Lanka since 2013. In order to spread their love for dance, they travel abroad and continue developing themselves in teaching and dancing.
“It’s all about the subtle nuances within the language of music and dance.” – KRAKEN. This is how he has grown to become a very dedicated DJ. His unique style offers an inimitable musical experience to many. Offering an evolved approach towards the affinity of Zouk Music and keenly encouraging the innovative over the anticipate. He is as a DJ, dancer, teacher, promoter and co-founder of ZOUK ELEMENTS.

Artül a.k.a. R2D2, born and raised in Turkey, with a thriving passion for dance and music. At the age of 13, she joined to a dance group at her school, performed and competed at several local events in Istanbul for many years. Later during her engineering studies in the university, she attended Hip-hop, funk and jazz dance classes and was selected to the choreographic dance group to perform in several events and festivals. She also took acting classes and played in several dramas by the KASDAV theatrical society between years of 2005 – 2006.
She was introduced to the Latin dance scene in Oman in 2011 and that is how she found Zouk and never looked back. Always keen in learning new techniques, tips and tricks with a passionate drive, she has been teaching regular Zouk classes, workshops, performing and choreographing Zouk shows with her partner, DJ Kraken Andopé, regionally and internationally. She is a dancer, teacher, promoter, co-founder and a key element of ZOUK ELEMENTS.​


We’re very welcome our dear friends from Italy the Entertainment & Events ABC! Last year they participated the 2nd edition of Zouk’n’Holidays and performed a few amazing shows including the crazy fireshow with live singing at the Moon & Start party!
This year they’re also going to come to make classes, performances and burn the dance floor!
Here is a short school bio and list of active members.
Since six years, the amateur sports association ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS … ABC, located in BOVALINO (RC) ITALY, brings up the name of art, dance and song, creating a fusion between them.
Directed by Master DOMENIC SCAGLIONE, accompanied inside of the a.s.d. by a team made up of high-quality professionals, including Supreme Master MARIA CATALDO and Master LUCA ARMENI, experts in their belonging discipline.
The school offers the possibility of studying: Standard Dances, Latin American dances, Caribbean dances, Modern and Contemporary dance ,Team Dance and many other disciplines, each with its own uniqueness.
Opening the doors to the ACCADEMIA MUSCICALE…ABC association directed by Master CONSTANTINO SCAGLIONE, we have created a pure blend of dance and song, masterfully represented by our students; this discipline, “VIDEO DANCE”, will make you travel between music and imagination, reserving us special effects.


Shanie has been dancing since she was 3 beginning with ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop, and has been in the latin dance scene for over 7 years, dancing salsa, Bachata, Samba, Axe, Forro, Samba de Gafieira, Kizomba … and mostly specializing in Zouk-Lambada and Zouk. Less than 2 years ago she co-founded Zouko Israel as the first Zouk Dance School in Israel, and since then it has grown amazingly and has become a sensation in the Israel Latin dance scene, bringing huge amounts of Israelis to Zouk congresses all over the world and spreading the good-vibe Israeli energy they are known for.

Brian is an incredible dancer coming from hip hop, break dance, modern, ballet, Salsa, and Bachata. Bringing all his creativity into the Zouk scene and creating a whole new standard of Zouk in Israel.

Together they bring an incredible energy, mostly known for their fluidity and synchronized breathing, connecting on so many levels beyond the physical.
They are coming to give us a taste of this special connection, and of the secret behind their enduring ear-to-ear smiles.


Aleksandr Levchuk & Anna Galenda are the founders, heads and teachers at Kharkov Zouk Dance Studio in Kharkov, Ukraine. They are considered to be “natives” of Ukrainian social dance community, being reputable teachers, remarkable dancers and outstanding choreographers in Ukraine with more than 12 years’ experience in salsa casino and other social dances and more than 5 years of teaching together Brazilian Zouk and Bachata.

This couple has been giving lots of Zouk and Bachata workshops in many cities of Ukraine and some of Russia, Belarus , Crimea and Germany so far, they’ve been invited to most Zouk and Bachata festivals in their home country in order to teach classes and judge competitions and championships. They are professional, attentive to details and personal-touch-type teachers and, more importantly, very easy-going and cheerful guys.

Among their achievements (apart from being cool and lovable teachers for their students)  – Anna and Aleksandr have won Russian Zouk Competition 2014 (Category: Zouk Couples Masters+Show), Russian Zouk Competition 2015 (Zouk Show), they’ve got the Silver Cup at Russian Zouk Competition 2016 (Zouk Show) and Aleksandr was 2nd and Anna was 4th at International Zouk Rating Competition in Prague at Prague Zouk Congress 2016 (and Aleksandr had bronze there at PZC-2017), not to mention countless winnings of Zouk, Bachata and Salsa competitions in Ukraine. Recently this couple was awarded a prize at Russian Zouk Awards 2016 for contribution to the development of Brazilian Zouk in CIS.

Aleksandr and Anna organize their annual Kharkov Zouk’n’Bachata Fest & Competition since 2014, accumulating the best Ukrainian and international teachers like Jakub Jakoubek & Lusia Kubasova, Carlos & Fernanda da Silva and Adilio Porto and eager dancers from all over Ukraine. Their favorite dance styles are Brazilian Zouk and Bachata Sensual and Fusion and they are always eager to share their knowledge and experience with those, who loves sensual dances and cares about connection and musicality.


Christos Shakallis was born in 1972, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Grew up in an environment of dance his mother and father put him in dancing art. After graduating School in 1989 and completing his military service in 1991 Christos followed his passion when he decided to study dance. He received his Performing Art Diploma when he graduated in 1993 from the London Studio Center. After the completion of his diploma Christos continues his studies in dancing to this day, and is now an Instructor de Baile 2 of the Spanish Dance Society (SDS), a fellow in Latin & Freestyle branch of the International Dance Teachers association (IDTA) and among a few who hold the salsa dance diploma (IDTA).

In 1995 Christos joined the family business as a teacher at the “Shakallis Dance School” and gradually became a choreographer of numerous performances in local festivals, TV dance performances and school shows. Since 2000, he undertook the role of the General Manager of the School and expanded even the suburbs of Nicosia, introducing at the same time other activities such as weekly dance parties (the biggest Latin parties in Cyprus). He teaches Latin, Freestyle, Greek, Club dance, Flamenco and Cyprus traditional dance at various levels.

For the past 20 years he has been the official Choreographer and teacher at the institutes of the University of Cyprus (1997-2009), Cyprus College-European University (1995-present), Intercollege-University of Nicosia (2000-2006) and Cyprus Police Academy (2003-2006) after being offered the position and with great success. Their dance groups give at the least two performances each year while such of these represent Cyprus in Festivals abroad under his supervision.

His awards, achievements and performances are many. Among others, he came first in Latin American Dances in Athens in 1995; he performed twice at the Salsa UK Congress in 2004 and 2005 respectively. He also performed at the World Congress on Dance Research in 2005, he was the judge at TV talent shows and national dance competitions and last but not least he performed at the Eurovision Song contest in 2008 representing Cyprus. Christos counts many performances with the folkloric group “Adouloti Shakalli” all over the world including USA, Canada, China, South Africa and Europe. He has also appeared on TV both locally and internationally on channels like the BBC, Canadian TV, Spanish TV and Greek TV just to name a few.
Lately he has being spreading Zorba and Zeibekiko around the world with seminars and showcases and he has choreographed for Guinness world record attempts Zorba, Zeibekiko, and Cypriot folkloric dances.

Christos is the founder and an active member of “Salsa Cyprus” who introduced the Cyprus salsa Congress and the 12th event will take place in 2017.Also a founder member of Cyprus Tango Meeting event with the 4th Tango meeting taking place on late 2017.He is a member of the Pancyprian Association of Dance Teachers and currently and has served as President of the IDTA Cyprus branch for 8 years. He is also a member of the Cyprus federation of social and sport dance (C.F.S.S.D).



Weronika (Dj Vera) as a dancer was initially connected to the polish salsa scene. Happily since few years she is totally in love with zouk. Trained in Poland as well as abroad, she travels for congresses and participates in almost every zouk party taken place in Warsaw. She’s a dancer, an instructor and recently also a DJ. She played at the international congresses like Dutch Zouk Congress, Dresden Zouk Family Meeting, Zouk Libre Festival, Valentine Dance Festival in Berlin, Prague Zouk Marathon.

She loves to explore the music that perfectly suits the atmosphere of zouk. In her sets you will find the influence of R’n’B and lyrical arrangements of well-known songs.

Sri Lanka

“It’s all about the subtle nuances within the language of music and dance.” – KRAKEN. This is how he has grown to become a very dedicated DJ. His unique style offers an inimitable musical experience to many. Offering an evolved approach towards the affinity of Zouk Music and keenly encouraging the innovative over the anticipate. He is as a DJ, dancer, teacher, promoter and co-founder of ZOUK ELEMENTS.


Born 12.03.1990. Living in Oslo, Norway. Dance teacher, artist & DJ + fitness & coaching.


Daniel Aroditis (DJ D) has been a Latin Dancer since 2001 and has been DJing since 2012. Trained by one of the biggest Latin DJs in London and Cuba DJ Paulito SalsaFlava he has now taken his skills to a whole different level. As a Latin Dancer and teacher he knows what the dancers want to hear and keep the party going! Mixing both music and videos he keeps up with the latest hits to bring you the best music available to the dance floor.


DJ Zen started his carrier as Zouk DJ at 2013. Since that time his collection of Zoukable song became the biggest of the island! He mixes old school Zouk songs with the latest remixes and RnB/Chillout tunes to make the party cool!