Bruno Galhardo & Raiza Previato

Bruno Galhardo & Raiza Previato

Bruno Galhardo became a well-known dancer in Brazil, his videos on the Internet have reached more than a million views. In 2011 Bruno highlighted his career on the Brazilian TV show called “Se ela Dança eu Danço” produced by SBT Brazilian channel, where he was ranked among the three finalists.

In 2012 Bruno taught and choreographed for one of the most popular TV shows in Brazil called “Dança dos Famosos” (Dancing with the stars).

In 2016, he traveled to more than 28 countries, participating in major events and dance congresses. He made friends and had students all over the world, his aim has always been to give the best of himself and spread a bit of Brazilian dance across the world.
Throughout his career he’s been surprised by everyone’s affection and could grow personally and professionally due to the experience he’s had with people from different cultures.

With a lot of dedication, he aims at shortening the distance between everyday life and the pleasure people can get from dancing through interpersonal contact.

He seeks through his experience to diffuse a technique focused on the connection as a tool for body expression, in which pleasure and technique are involved in the art of dancing.