Shanie Ram & Brian Safdie


Shanie has been dancing since she was 3 beginning with ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop, and has been in the latin dance scene for over 7 years, dancing salsa, Bachata, Samba, Axe, Forro, Samba de Gafieira, Kizomba … and mostly specializing in Zouk-Lambada and Zouk. Less than 2 years ago she co-founded Zouko Israel as the first Zouk Dance School in Israel, and since then it has grown amazingly and has become a sensation in the Israel Latin dance scene, bringing huge amounts of Israelis to Zouk congresses all over the world and spreading the good-vibe Israeli energy they are known for.

Brian is an incredible dancer coming from hip hop, break dance, modern, ballet, Salsa, and Bachata. Bringing all his creativity into the Zouk scene and creating a whole new standard of Zouk in Israel.

Together they bring an incredible energy, mostly known for their fluidity and synchronized breathing, connecting on so many levels beyond the physical.
They are coming to give us a taste of this special connection, and of the secret behind their enduring ear-to-ear smiles.