DJ Shravan


Shravan first started dancing zouk in 2014 after a 2 year obsession with salsa. Salsa was fun, but the magical moment happened when he saw Pasty & Josta during the Montreal Salsa Congress in Canada. In the following years then he’s travelled all over Canada, America, Mexico, Brazil and Europe to learn more about this beautiful dance. His style of Zouk focuses on connection along with flowing movements and finding joy in movement.

As a DJ he loves a variety of genres that provide a landscape of flow and musicality. He likes to provide a feeling of waves in energy with different musical vibes to the dancers. Creating a set that allows people to loose themselves in the flow of the dance and forget the world is one of his main focuses. Shravan started DJing in 2016 and is a resident Zouk DJ at two weekly socials & parties at Toronto Canada; along with many other Zouk parties in Toronto. He has been a DJ in several international festivals and local parties around the world.