Aleksandr & Anna


Aleksandr Levchuk & Anna Galenda are the founders, heads and teachers at Kharkov Zouk Dance Studio in Kharkov, Ukraine. They are considered to be “natives” of Ukrainian social dance community, being reputable teachers, remarkable dancers and outstanding choreographers in Ukraine with more than 12 years’ experience in salsa casino and other social dances and more than 5 years of teaching together Brazilian Zouk and Bachata.

This couple has been giving lots of Zouk and Bachata workshops in many cities of Ukraine and some of Russia, Belarus , Crimea and Germany so far, they’ve been invited to most Zouk and Bachata festivals in their home country in order to teach classes and judge competitions and championships. They are professional, attentive to details and personal-touch-type teachers and, more importantly, very easy-going and cheerful guys.

Among their achievements (apart from being cool and lovable teachers for their students)  – Anna and Aleksandr have won Russian Zouk Competition 2014 (Category: Zouk Couples Masters+Show), Russian Zouk Competition 2015 (Zouk Show), they’ve got the Silver Cup at Russian Zouk Competition 2016 (Zouk Show) and Aleksandr was 2nd and Anna was 4th at International Zouk Rating Competition in Prague at Prague Zouk Congress 2016 (and Aleksandr had bronze there at PZC-2017), not to mention countless winnings of Zouk, Bachata and Salsa competitions in Ukraine. Recently this couple was awarded a prize at Russian Zouk Awards 2016 for contribution to the development of Brazilian Zouk in CIS.

Aleksandr and Anna organize their annual Kharkov Zouk’n’Bachata Fest & Competition since 2014, accumulating the best Ukrainian and international teachers like Jakub Jakoubek & Lusia Kubasova, Carlos & Fernanda da Silva and Adilio Porto and eager dancers from all over Ukraine. Their favorite dance styles are Brazilian Zouk and Bachata Sensual and Fusion and they are always eager to share their knowledge and experience with those, who loves sensual dances and cares about connection and musicality.